You want to create your dreams? Well you can start by literally making room for them.

Everything needs space in order to breathe and grow.

Especially your dreams. How can you dream if you have too much obstructing your vision?

One of the most direct ways to do this is to clear away physical items you don’t need or want anymore- aka clutter.

Focus: Find your organizing warrior within and be the ruthless terminator of what you don’t want or need anymore.


Begin with a small area like a corner of a room, a closet, a desk, a shelf, a box.

Pick an area that can easily and quickly be accomplished- something you know you can finish easily in a ½ hour or less.

Start going thru your items one by one and without thinking too much and decide if it is part of the life you are wanting to create for yourself. For the items you decide you don’t want in this area- either Trash it, Donate it, Sell it or Store it.

Now you've begun to make room for your dreams and your life!

Do you notice if there is anything different about your space and how you feel in it?


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