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About Leslie

I have always wanted to be able to provide people with something practical that would affect their daily lives in both a profound and tangible way. I discovered that organizing gets rid of the clutter and makes spaces and lives more functional.  But ultimately, what I find exciting about organizing, is that it can support and nurture people's creativity and passions in life.

My background in organizing has largely been in organizing people’s homes and offices, moves and move preparation, and general personal assistance with what needs to get done.

I think an important quality I bring to this work is the recognition of my client's gifts and talents and helping to put that to work for them in the organizing process.  Out of this, I help to create an environment and practical set of strategies that is natural, supportive and effective.


I also am...

a self taught artist and enjoy all forms of art, especially collage and mixed media. I adore and love exploring color and texture, design and photography.

fascinated by the art of placement and use of space and how it affects people in their home and in life.

interested in writing and poetry and art forms that involve letters and words.   I love communication that is innovative, creative and uplifting.

 I also love

and adore animals, children and spending time in nature.

investigating spiritual truths and how this integrates into practical living

a little more about me

Graduated from Grinnell College with a BA in English and additional focus in Cultural Anthropology.  Lived and served at a large nonprofit retreat center for 12 years in upstate New York- where I served in many capacities for thousands of people on retreats. My jobs ranged from switchboard operator, restaurant management, course logistics, managing an information center. I worked for several years as an editor/producer for a publishing company that produced media for children. My background includes a wide range of work experience with a strong emphasis on organizing, interpersonal and communication skills.


...the person behind

Organize Reclaim Your Life

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