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An organizing session

creates clarity and momentum


Depending on what you need, you can choose quick facelifts to 

jumpstart your organizing projects or choose more detailed organizing sessions to achieve your goals.

In these sessions, you will learn how regular and consistent application is the key to achieving success.


for session


       per hour

Organizing Sessions

Ongoing Hands on Organizing


3 hour session minimum

Starter Session

Assessment & Getting started


Initial assessment, 1 hour ($150)
Hands on organizing, 2 hours ($150)


per day

Multiple Days

Focus and Get it Done


6 hour session

Do 3 consecutive days ($100 off)



per day

JumpStart Package
 2 Professional Organizers

Quick sorting and removal of items for trash, recycling, donation, or re-sale.  Basic and effective sorting and organizing to bring you to the next level.


Make the biggest difference in the shortest time


6 hour session 

Do 3 consecutive days ($200 off)

For Custom Packages

Designed to better suit your needs


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